Use cases

HORSE proposes a validation strategy supported by pilots deployed on two real use cases, as described next. For each individual use case, the background and main scenarios highlight what the overall context is, as well as the benefits from the use cases perspective driven by a potential HORSE deployment.

Use-Case 1 


Secure Smart LRT Systems (SS-LRT)

Background: LRT (light Rail Transit) or Metro Operation involves the management and orchestration, with high availability, of several systems, applications and end to end services, supported by equipment that typically are deployed on tram stops, trams and in the Command Center. Usually these Command Centers are deployed in private networks, for security reasons and are located in the Operator premises, for latency reasons. The 6G capabilities, particularly the ones that are addressed in the HORSE project, will leverage the introduction of new paradigms related to communications, disaster recovery, security, resilience, with geographically and distributed operation (even supported by cloud solutions) with several impacts in the overall availability and in the decision support.

Main scenarios: Based on Dublin and Bergen LRT/Metro scenarios, deployed by EFACEC, it is intended to compare the system performance that is being achieved now with the one achieved by HORSE solution, regarding the following main performance objectives:

  • Disaster recovery
  • Remote operation, including cloud solution
  • Operation statistics
  • Security vulnerabilities and threats
  • Communication performance for data exchange between trams, stops and the Command Center
  • Applications and services performance

Use-Case 2


Remote Rendering to Power XR Industrial (R22XRI)

Background: Multiuser XR (Extended Reality) multi-sites collaboration provides Industry 4.0 professionals with the means to solve complex issues in a much easier and efficient way, giving them the opportunity to meet in a virtual common space to collaborate and share virtual 3D objects. Furthermore, and most importantly, thanks to VR and AR, processes can be monitored and experienced in 3D for future research. Yet, to provide a reliable and secure communication system (as backbone for information exchange), even more when the collaboration is among different sites, is an emerging challenge to be faced. Industrial espionage is a growing threat, forcing manufacturers to take a more proactive approach to securing their intellectual property. A proactive, resilient and secure system is extremely important to protect valuable data and intellectual property from unauthorized access ensuring a free flow of information throughout all actors involved (engineers, specialists, and supply chain). Thus, virtual remote collaboration, security, in the communication improvement and process monitoring are key challenges that this pilot use case aims to explore.

Main scenarios: The HORSE project will develop and operate a multiuser environment where different professional stakeholders can interact and teleport to another context that is completely virtual or mixed. The service will offer a resilient and secure environment, professional users located at different sites and leveraging XR technology can benefit from. The main characteristics will be:

  • Endless cloud and edge processing power to stream big data
  • Global availability on all XR devices
  • High data sharing security with regarding to peer-to-peer communication, human-machine interaction and 3D assets sharing
  • Infrastructure flexibility
  • Fast Adoption by simple integration
  • Empowering teams with efficient app development & time-savings