HORSE tools

One of the most important aspects of a research project is to identify, map and package the exploitable results. HORSE will engage with initiatives to exploit commercialization opportunities. The project has envisioned two approaches as go-to-market strategies: 

  • HORSE-as-a-service, where an interested entity, e.g., SME, will function as an intermediary between users and their jobs and providers. Essentially, this entity will offer a new service that performs the HORSE cognitive functions achieving the required user and job objectives. 
  • HORSE running on user premises as a platform that allows them to make complex decisions. In this case, the on-premises HORSE deployment will infer their operating parameters by observing the state of the target 6G and cloud platforms.

Following is a list of the identified key exploitable results from the project. 

HORSE Platform

Complete set of features and functionalities towards a secure 6G system orchestration.

Distributed AI Engine for Services Pre-assessment

Set of functionalities (Sandboxing, AI contextual models, etc.) to be used to replicate the entire 6G landscape in order to conduct a preliminary performance assessment of the tentative orchestration strategies to be deployed, aimed at ensuring that all deployed services run in a secure, distributed and optimized environment.

Smart Monitoring (SM)

Responsible for the collection of data from all various and diverse domain resources, as well as data related to the usage of the resources involved in the lifecycle management.

Threat Detector and Mitigation Engine

Tool responsible for detecting threats in a predictive form, thus proactively acting towards removing or in the worst case mitigating the impact of the  foreseen threat.

Intent-based Secure cross-Domain Orchestrator

Includes a set of tools to logically and physically interact with the infrastructure elements to provide a secure cross- domain orchestration. The interaction will be handled through a proper mapping of high-level intents into security workflows able to react to security threats and vulnerabilities.

Secure e2e connectivity Manager

In charge of service orchestration, which supports recursive deployment of many functional components for multi-tenancy, high device heterogeneity through virtualisation, end-to-end resource self-configuration, and most